Who Can Benefit From Clear Aligners?

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There is a difference between lacking disease and optimal health.  The dental and medical world started with just addressing and fixing problems.  If there is an infection - treat it.  If there is a cavity - fill it.  We have slowly moved from just fixing problems or "restorative dentistry" and have been moving towards preventative dentistry since the best restoration, is the one that's not needed.  As people are keeping their teeth longer and longer, the effects of wear and tear, grinding and clenching are now becoming more of an issue.  It is more important than ever for teeth to be in alignment so that the forces of biting are in harmony with the natural anatomy of the tooth.  It is never too late to address improperly aligned teeth.  Now with clear aligners like Invisalign, we can use this easy and esthetic tool to align the teeth to where they are best supported for optimal tooth health.

What problems can clear aligners treat?

Orthodontics can treat a wide range of dental problems and in most cases, completely realign the teeth.  Orthodontists may work alone, or in combination with a maxillofacial surgeon.

The typical irregularities requiring orthodontic treatment are as follows:

  • Overcrowding – An overcrowded mouth means there is insufficient space within the jaw for all of the adult teeth to fit naturally.  Overcrowding may lead to misshapen teeth, chipped teeth, cracked and broken teeth.

  • Spacing - spaces between the teeth can also cause inappropriate wear and tear on the teeth leading to cracked or broken teeth over time.

How can clear aligners help?

​Clear aligners are placed on the teeth and slowly shift them into a more appropriate position where the forces of the teeth line up with their natural anatomy.  Aligners are usually changed every two weeks to gradually and gently reposition the teeth into a more ideal alignment.  There are no food restrictions with clear aligners since you can remove the aligners when you eat as well as when you brush and floss your teeth. 

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