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Clear Aligners

There is a difference between lacking disease and optimal health.  The dental and medical world started with just addressing and fixing problems.  If there is an infection - treat it.  If there is a cavity - fill it.  We have slowly moved from just fixing problems or "restorative dentistry" and have been moving towards preventative dentistry since the best restoration, is the one that's not needed.  As people are keeping their teeth longer and longer, the effects of wear and tear, grinding and clenching are now becoming more of an issue.  It is more important than ever for teeth to be in alignment so that the forces of biting are in harmony with the natural anatomy of the tooth.  It is never too late to address improperly aligned teeth.  Now with clear aligners like Invisalign, we can use this easy and esthetic tool to align the teeth to where they are best supported for the greatest longevity.

Esthetic Finesse

Once teeth are properly aligned, we can perform an esthetic finesse, rejuvenating the teeth and restoring the teeth to where it previously was before improper wear.  This is done with no anesthetic, no grinding of teeth, and done all in one day.  This is the most conservative option which only enhances the natural beauty of the teeth, it does not damage the teeth in any way, so there is no sensitivity or increased risk of needing additional procedures (like root canals).

Filling Restorations

In order to keep your mouth healthy, we will do a visual examination of the mouth, take x-rays to detect decay between the teeth, and take photographs to chart changes of the teeth over time. If we find there is decay, we will explain your options regarding the decay including: 1. Do nothing and monitor the area 2. Place silver diamine fluoride which is a liquid that can temporarily help stop the progression of decay 3. Place a conservative filling where appropriate.  We only use the latest materials for fillings and do not place metal fillings.  


If there is not enough tooth structure to support a filling, multiple fractures in a tooth, or a weakened tooth after a root canal, the tooth is at an increased risk of fracture.  To protect the tooth from fracturing, we can prepare the tooth for a crown.  Our main materials for crowns are Lithium Disilicate (a beautiful material that can be strongly bonded to the tooth), Zirconia (an extremely strong material that can be made very thin and can be made tooth colored), and Gold (a material which statistically last the longest and does not break - great for people who grind or clench their teeth).  Where possible, we will minimize the preparation of tooth structure ensuring the healthiest and longest lasting restorations so you can keep your teeth as long as possible.


Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.